Chronic hip pain disappears after shamanic work

After 20 years of chronic hip pain and six hip replacements, Connie’s condition was getting worse.  She was referred to Cary Weldy by a Reiki master for a session involving shamanic work.

Shamanism is as old as civilization itself, as shamans were the healers and doctors in the indigenous tribes all over the world.  Shamans have often been called seers, and the intermediaries between the visible and invisible worlds.

Cary Weldy explains:  “When Connie called me for an appointment for remote work, which is done over the telephone, I scanned her body and saw that she had an energetic dagger sticking out of her hip.  In the ceremony that involved a soul journey, I took Connie back to that past life where she had been stabbed, and consequently died because of this traumatic injury.

“I led Connie through a piece of forgiveness with the perpetrator, as well as self-forgiveness, which essentially removed the emotional and mental trauma that was held in the matrix around the hip joint.  Instantly, 20 years of chronic hip pain vanished.  Pulling out the dagger was part of the work, but the critical piece was surrounding forgiveness.”


Click here to watch the video of Connie’s transformation.


Cary explains:  “I have found that when people have died traumatically in a past life, and it involves a severe injury where physical pain is inflicted, the person nearly always suffers trauma to the emotional and mental bodies as well.  As an example, the person dying of a stab wound to the heart probably had strong negative emotions and thoughts, including guilt, shame, anger, or rage.  These negative mental and emotional imprints are very intense, and are consequently projected onto the astral body.  When the astral body and spirit leave the physical body during the transition we call “death”, those scars are carried into spirit as well.

“Clearly, we are not healers.  God…the Universal Source…Divine Mother…Allah…whatever you call that Presence and Energy…is the Healing Power.  We are just channels and catalysts, allowing the healing energy to flow, which can restore health.

“Have you ever seen a person who has a small patch of white hair, even from birth?  This is often due to a past life trauma, where the ethereal and astral bodies have carried the traumas into a subsequent lifetime.  These signals, such as white hair patches, chronic pain, or large birthmarks, are sometimes to get our attention, so that we can undergo a deep healing around this.”

Cary became interested in past life work in the mid-1990s after hearing Dr. Brian Weiss speak in Detroit at the Unity Church about one of his earliest works, Many Lives, Many Masters.  Other shamans have influenced Cary’s work, including Jorge Luis Delgado, the Andean shaman and mystic; Don Miguel Ruiz, famed best-selling author of The Four Agreements; and Dr. Alberto Villoldo, author of Shaman, Healer, Sage:  How to Heal Yourself & Others Through The Energy Medicine of the Americas.

Weldy continues:  “Your body-consciousness knows exactly what needs to be healed, and contains the information necessary to heal itself.  It simply requires a connection back to that Divine Source.

“After studying a number of healing modalities and working with hundreds of clients all over the country, it has become clear that nearly every chronic medical condition has its roots from emotional and mental trauma that has occurred in the past.  What is particularly interesting is that the trauma has not only occurred in this lifetime, but frequently has originated in past lifetimes.

“What we often call the physical disease is not really the disease:  it is the physical manifestation of the energy blocks and trauma on the mental and emotional bodies.  For example, cancer is not the disease.  The deep-seeded rage is the disease, which results in the physical manifestation that we call cancer.  Once the negative energy imprints, or scars, are lifted and dissolved, then real healing can take place, and the physical body often responds readily, and sometimes instantly.

“When I do a soul journey, I really never know what the outcome will be.  Healing depends on a number of factors, including someone’s past life karma, his or her willingness to be healed, ability for the shaman or energy worker to see accurately, and so forth.  But the most rewarding part of this work is when the client’s body shifts as a result of the clearing of these emotional and mental scars.”

Cary Weldy apprenticed under Peter Calhoun, a well-known shaman, speaker, teacher, and Hay House author.  Peter’s books include Soul on Fire, and Last Hope on Earth.

“I was always drawn to shamanism, even as a child.  I felt deep inside that it was important to wait until Spirit spoke to me about studying under a specific teacher.  That happened one day at First Unity in St. Petersburg, where three shamans, including Peter Calhoun, spoke.  At that moment, I knew that Peter was to be my shaman.

“Peter’s work is remarkable.  He comes from a place of compassion and love for humanity, and he is deeply rooted into Nature,” says Cary.

Cary Weldy does consultations in person as well as over the phone, working with clients globally.  His interior design and construction work includes key design elements that are based on ancient secrets of the masters of art and architecture, who evoked fields of beneficial energy through specific geometry and other forms of vibrational energetic techniques.


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