Chicago Cubs win 50% of games after Cary’s Energy Makeover

On July 16, 2011, Cary Weldy started performing his Energy MakeoverTM on the Chicago Cubs baseball team and Wrigley Field. The winning percentage of the Chicago Cubs had continued to spiral downward from the beginning of the season, ending at 38.5% of the games when he began his energy work for this project.

Weldy explains:  “There is so much discussion about why the Chicago Cubs have not won a World Series in the last 100 years. Fans and the press have speculated that perhaps it has to do with the Billy Goat Curse. That may be part of the problem, but there was a much deeper issue that I discovered when looking at the situation from an energetic perspective.”

Watch the video to discover one of the culprits:

Weldy continues:  “In a world where we depend so heavily on our five senses, it is easy to dismiss the idea that the physical world is affected largely by the invisible world. We are led to believe in the illusion that what we see, hear, touch, taste, and smell is real. But love is real…can you see it?”

“For thousands of years, the masters of art and architecture, such as da Vinci and Michelangelo, knew that every aspect of our lives is deeply impacted by shape, color, and other vibrational patterns around us. Is it possible that our ability to perform is heavily influenced by these factors? Is it probable that the performance of a sports team can be affected by factors other than how good the team management is, how well the competition performs, and how well a pitcher delivers? Of course it is.

Cary Weldy harmonized the energy in the entire area surrounding Wrigley Field, after he discovered heavily toxic energy was being channeled into the ballfield. Click here to find out why.

After Cary performed his work, the winning percentage of the Chicago Cubs jumped to 50%, maintaining that throughout the rest of their season.

“Another strange phenomenon that occurs during energy work is that people who do not fit in an organization or who create problems will frequently leave on their own accord, resulting in a more harmonious environment,” explains Weldy. “This effect has been seen by other energy experts, including an associate who worked with energizing a school, and immediately received the resignations of two teachers who were relatively toxic.”

Weldy continues:  “The shift in the Cubs’ performance wasn’t gradual…it was immediate. This is what we frequently see when we transform energy after harmonizing the negative energy and boosting the beneficial energy in a space. I would like to do more work with the team and inside the stadium, as the work that was done is about 25% of what I would like to do to effect real change.”

Cary Weldy has been studying the secrets of the masters for over twenty years, from the ancient to the modern-day masters of energy. He consults with individuals and corporations to help them transform their products and services using proprietary techniques.

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