Spiritual Values in the Workplace:

The Soul of Success in the 21st Century

2nd Edition

A book by Cary Weldy


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About the Book

First written in 1991, the second edition of Cary’s first book is published by Hay House’s Balboa Press of Hay House, and is now available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers.

From his energy-based approach to interior design and his appearances on HGTV, readers familiar with Cary Weldy will appreciate this new offering, in which Weldy speaks to the business community.

Businesses have often run under the assumption that efficiency and productivity automatically equal success, measured solely in terms of profit. In this competitive paradigm, values must take second place, leading to the stereotype of the corporation as a soulless place.

In this ground-breaking book, Cary Weldy moves beyond “synergy” to a model of business that focuses on the whole person. Take care of people, unleash their creativity, and innovation will follow. A new corporate mindset, one that is socially and environmentally conscious, now takes root around the world, leading to a better working environment, and, ultimately, a better world. Weldy takes readers on a journey through this change in consciousness, discussing the theory and the practice of bringing spiritual values into business.

Why I Wrote The Book

During my tenure in working for Fortune 500 companies, I became disenchanted with the contradiction between what companies said they stood for and what was happening in the work place. It became apparent that most companies lack heart and soul, and focus on key drivers such as profitability, goals, and competition.

But this isn’t how the Universe works, and I felt that there might be some things that we can apply from values that are transcendent. I call these “spiritual values”, and you are invited to explore these principles in my first book. In its quiet way of being, the Universe produces more miracles in a minute than a Microsoft, CocaCola, or General Electric can produce in 100 years. So perhaps if we get out of our heads and process-oriented thinking for a moment, we can begin to open up our hearts and explore new ways of thinking about our workplaces.

Our natural world and the ways of our ancestors provide real answers for how we can work in a happier environment and produce better results more effectively. Real magic comes from a place of being still…doing less…and allowing our work that we have all been destined to do to gloriously unfold. And if we shift our attention to “how may I serve”, rather than “how much can I achieve or get”, then we will fulfill our ultimate destiny: to live our lives in harmony, peace, and exquisite joy.

May your work be inspired in new ways, and may your lives be blessed with love and grace.

From my heart to yours,

Download A Chapter Here: “The Power of Intuition”.

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